Dry Curry Laksa Roasted Chicken

Serves: 4

Featured product: VegeWorld Veg. Roasted Chicken

Course: Main


  • 1 packet Vegeworld Roasted Chicken
  • 1 tsp Vegan Curry Laksa Paste
  • ½ pkt pumpkin noodle
  • 1 tbsp gluten free soy sauce
  • Garden veggies
  • sesame oil (optional, to taste)


  1.  Deep fry the Vege Roasted Chicken at 180 degrees Celsius for 2-3 minutes or Airfryer at 200c for 6-8 minutes. Blanched the noodles according to the packaging.
  2. After blanched noodles, mix it with soy sauce,curry laksa paste & sesame oil.Mix it well.
  3. Place cooked roasted chicken on top & garnish with garden vegetables.

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