In previously, VegeWorld was named as SanYang Enterprise Sdn Bhd and SanYang Vegetarian Manufacturing Sdn Bhd which are the factories & office located at Sentosa Klang since 1998.  Sanyang is the industry of vegetarian food, specialise in manufacturing any type of vegetarian food production. Customer groups of taking the manufacturing services also are one of key success of SanYang.
Welcome to send in the inquiry to our sales team sales@sanyangcom.my to get more information about the services that we provide.



If you are the industry players who would like to expand the business network to the global, you can take the chances to collaborate with us. Currently, we support the exporting business to Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Australian. We are seeking partners to export our products to Europe and US markets in the recent.
Besides that, we also welcome the local distributors come to approach us for further growing the Malaysia market. Send us the email contact.sanyang@gmail.com if you are interested with our export & distribution services.