VegeWorld is a company which founded in 1998 with 18 years industry experiences in Malaysia and South East Asia regions. From the path of being an experienced manufacturer to a consumer branding which drives the idea of healthy style in people’s daily life, VegeWorld believes that the visioning brand is leading the customer to pursue the better and green life in future. We encourage people to go green life by consuming the convenient, affordable, reliable products from VegeWorld.

“We hope that people could get the convenient, affordable, reliable vegetarian products everyday from us. It’s just like how we easy to get the drinking water in daily. We believe that it will help on supporting the eco-system to making the healthy life that we want.
Let’s make vegetarian everywhere!” -VegeWorld




Wide Range of Offerings

We offer variants of ready-to-eat and healthy products, from raw ingredients to packaged foods to personal and household products.

100% Quality Products

Our products are 100% manufactured by own to ensure the best quality,  this is to avoid any uncertainty risk of product sources and also we keep monitoring the manufacturing process of each product.

Reasonable Price

We lower the cost by cutting off the unnecessary channels of the middle. This is the reason why we able to offer the cheaper price to you.